Embrace a unique automotive masterpiece, the A-150, meticulously crafted by the innovative minds at Autograph. Starting with a brand-new 2021 Ford Ranger Raptor purchased explicitly for this project, our team embarked on a transformation journey, resulting in a vehicle that not only turns heads but also stirs souls on the vibrant roads of Mauritius.

Inspiration: The Legendary Ford F-150

The A-150 isn’t just another custom vehicle; it’s an embodiment of style and power inspired by the iconic Ford F-150. With the F-150’s unmatched legacy as a backdrop, the A-150 stands tall, offering a captivating alternative for enthusiasts who crave the elusive right-hand drive (RHD) version unavailable in our market.

Transformation Process: A Symphony of Elegance and Performance

Stripped to Perfection: Our journey began with the new Ford Ranger Raptor, promptly deconstructed to its chassis. This blank canvas allowed Autograph’s master craftsmen to reimagine, redesign, and inject unparalleled artistry into every curve and weld.

A Widened Appeal: The A-150 isn’t just broader in vision; its body has been elegantly widened, enhancing its commanding presence and road stance.

Interior Reimagined: Step inside a cabin where luxury meets rugged charm. The interior has been refined and redefined with the use of exclusive Alcantara material, offering a tactile experience that is both rich and comforting.

Poised and Elevated: With its suspension tastefully raised, the A-150 doesn’t just traverse; it glides with confidence across varying terrains, promising an adventure that is smooth yet thrilling.

Lighting the Way: All exterior lights on the A-150 have been replaced, reflecting an aesthetic that is aggressive, yet subtly sophisticated, perfectly mirroring its dual personality of power and elegance.

Engine Performance Enhanced: The A-150 isn’t just about looks; it boasts of unmatched performance. With upgraded engine electronics, it confidently delivers an additional 100Nm of torque, ensuring a driving experience that is as thrilling as its appearance.

A Coat Like No Other: Draped in a distinctive custom color, the A-150 wears its ‘dress’ with pride, shimmering and flaunting its uniqueness under the Mauritius sun.

Wheels that Speak Volumes: Grounded by stunning 22-inch wheels, the A-150 isn’t merely a vehicle; it’s a statement on wheels, with each spin drawing admiration and sparking conversations.


With the A-150, Autograph doesn’t just offer a car; we present an experience, a lifestyle, and a dream realized. Each detail of the A-150 has been meticulously crafted, echoing our commitment to bringing to life dreams that haven’t been dreamt yet! As it graces the roads of Mauritius with unparalleled beauty and might, the A-150 isn’t just seen; it’s remembered, celebrated, and desired. At Autograph, we envision, craft, and offer the extraordinary, turning unimaginable dreams into tangible, exhilarating realities on wheels. Experience the extraordinary with Autograph’s custom vehicles, where imagination meets the asphalt in glorious harmony.