Stylish and sophisticated, the Range Rover Evoque joins the electric vehicle set with a capable plug-in hybrid variant.
The Range Rover Evoque has long been a style icon of the medium luxury SUV class. Blending its inherent Range Rover-ness with compact dimensions ideally suited to urbanites, the Evoque trades on the storied heritage of the British brand in an eye-catching package.
Powered by a 1.5-litre turbocharged petrol engine working in tandem with an 80kW electric motor, the Evoque PHEV has a claimed electric-only driving range of 62km. That’s more than enough for many daily commutes.
This 2023 Range Rover Evoque P300e SE R-Dynamic is the fashionista of the subcompact-SUV class, and it’s guaranteed to turn heads.
The experience of driving, however, remains distinctly Range Rover. The Evoque may be compact compared to the rest of its family, but it is comfortable, responsive and, for its size, has power should you need it.