When BMW first resurrected the Mini name, the German company can surely only have dreamed it would be such a success. Popular with customers from every walk of life, the retro-styled hatchback has become a phenomenon, merging fashion and motoring without ever feeling pretentious or superficial. Behind the lines that manage to be classic yet modern and cute yet muscular, there’s a very well-sorted little car. The 2020 Mini One Hatch is a versatile small hatchback that packs loads of character and German-backed quality into a city-friendly package. In terms of design, Mini retains the playful spirit of the original with plenty of round design elements, a friendly face, and material quality that’s far above the rest thanks to parent company BMW. The 2020 Mini One Hatch isn’t for everyone, but there’s no denying its charm and customizable everything. It is fun in all forms.