If you need to shift a mixture of goods and people, and you like your creature comforts, this Mercedes Vito 116 Tourer definitely fits the bill.  The Mercedes Vito 116 Tourer is a super-practical option for those whose passenger and luggage carrying requirements have outgrown a traditional MPV or 7-seat SUV.   Sometimes there’s just no substitute for space and the Mercedes Vito 116 Tourer is a vehicle for precisely those occasions.  The best thing about the Vito is its comfort. The ride and effortless punch of the larger diesel engine make it a genuinely soothing machine to command.  In typical Mercedes-Benz fashion, their Vito Tourer has established quite a reputation for reliability and durability.  This 2020 Mercedes Vito 116 Tourer is powered by a 2.1-litre turbo-diesel with maximum output of 120kW and 380Nm.