The Mercedes GLC is elegant and relaxing. It is an upmarket SUV with a quality interior and plenty of space inside. There are two parts to the ‘GLC’ name. First, ‘GL’. This is a contraction of ‘gelandewagen’, the German word for ‘off-road vehicle’, otherwise known as an SUV. Next, we have ‘C’, which Mercedes uses to denote its mid-size cars, like the C-Class saloon. Put it all together and the name GLC tells you that the car is a mid-size SUV– or the SUV equivalent of the C-Class. The GLC is a bit more aggressive than the saloon, but you can see the family resemblance and both are smart-looking cars. The Mercedes-Benz GLC is a genuine five-seater. There's good space in the two front seats and the support provided is good without being overly aggressive. The rear seat has excellent legroom and can cope with three adults, though two plus a kid in the middle makes more sense for long distance trips.