The Land Rover Discovery Sport is a proper Jack of all trades: a seven-seat SUV that will swallow your family and its luggage, but with enough off-road ability to get across the kind of terrain that would stop many a 4×4 in its tracks.
The 2016 Land Rover Discovery Sport feels supremely stable and well-coordinated on winding roads, with the accurate steering imparting solid feedback to the driver.
This Discovery Sport offers style, comfort and utility combined with an above-average ability to traverse all sorts of terrain. If you're looking for a midsize luxury SUV with an extra degree of go-anywhere gusto, this vehicle is worth a look.
The Discovery Sport gets a full five-star safety rating from Euro NCAP
With its combination of assured handling, practical cabin, comfort, and subtly handsome looks, this is a car that very quickly works its way into your affections.