The 2019 Hyundai Kona Electric is a bolt of inspiration. It is easy to like. It offers a sense of conventionality that should ease the transition from gas to plug -- and rightfully so, because it's based on an already excellent subcompact crossover. Doing something new can feel scary, but if there's an element of familiarity to it, it's much easier to acclimate to change. The Hyundai Electric’s  battery is big enough to say goodbye to petrol power altogether. That’s great in itself, but the electric Korean SUV is also comfortable and very well equipped. You can spot the electric version of the Kona by its front fascia, which has only the illusion of a grille; behind it lurks its charging port and a handy state-of-charge indicator. Under the Kona Electric's hood sits its 201-hp permanent-magnet synchronous AC motor, which drives the front wheels through a single-speed transaxle. This Kona Electric is super efficient delivering a range of approximately 400 Kms.