The 6 GT badge was launched in 2017. It is actually based on the larger 7 Series. There is no denying the 6 Series GT looks better than its predecessor, the old 5 Series GT. It isn't as frumpy, it looks more sporty, and it appears to have grown into its identity with more conviction. The 2018 6 Series Gran Turismo may be a good bet if you're looking for a luxury vehicle that combines the attributes of a sedan and an SUV. It is a practical large prestige car. The 6 Series GT has a lot of passenger space and is very easy to climb in and out of and it is definitely a nice place to be. This is an easy car to admire. It answers all the rational questions that an SUV answers – other than harrumphing around off-road – while being more comfortable, refined and better dynamically in pretty well every way. The designers have done a great job given the proportions they had to work with, by using interesting details and surfacing.