If you like to be discreet, then this 2019 BMW 330i MSport is the one for you.  When you look at the 3 Series, it’s well-proportioned and handsome but pretty much anonymous. If it weren’t for the badges and the split kidney grille up front, it’d be hard to place the brand.   It might be just another 2.0-litre turbo four-cylinder, but it packs plenty of hardcore bits and advanced mechanisms to optimise performance. The engine runs a high compression ratio (for a turbo engine) of 10.2:1, which helps to provide instant response and plenty of high-revving enthusiasm.  This level of acceleration is really all you could ever need in the practical world.  The best thing about the overall driving character is the sheer capability and balance. You can come hot into a corner and jump hard on the brakes at the last minute.  If you want a proper drive, make sure you get this BMW 330i MSport. Engineers must have put so much time and energy into developing this. It deserves to be appreciated and enjoyed, and not just driven to work everyday, sitting in traffic.